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With 30 years of accredited experience  in Design and Construction in the Specialty Concrete and Aquatic Features industries, our reputation for Excellence speaks for itself. 

Our Custom Fire Features

Remarkable Quality, Durability & Value

Adding a fire and water feature to your outdoor living area can turn an ordinary space into something exceptional. With superior engineering and craftsmanship, each bowl is uniquely designed with the highest quality materials to provide exceptional performance and deliver long-lasting durability.

The hammered copper bowls are handcrafted giving each bowl a unique pattern, beautiful texture and color. The hammered copper bowls are offered in 5 styles and 3 shapes.


Our premium concrete bowls have a smooth tone-on-tone effect that achieves the look of natural stone. The concrete bowls are available in 5 styles, 3 shapes and 3 colors.

  • Manufactured using only high-quality materials to provide excellent durability in all seasons
  • All fire bowls and fire pits are available in automated electronic or manual ignition, compatible with natural gas or propane


  • Automated systems can be operated remotely from any pool operating system (PTI transformer panel required)/p>
  • Decorative media options available
  • Backed by the unsurpassed support of Pebble Technology International


Exclusively designed polished copper scuppers are structurally engineered to provide the most visually appealing cascade of water under a wide range of flow conditions. Offered in Sheet Flow, Trough Flow and Chute Flow.

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A fire pit will never fail to create a dramatic aura to any space especially in the pool area. Fire pits are a good way to add some warmth for this cold spot outdoors. Aside from giving the much needed warmth, it can also be a perfect decor and could give some romantic and dramatic feel to your pool area. There are different ways to place a fire pit depending on how you want it and how you intend to use it.

These fire pits also come in different designs and shapes which allows homeowners to pick what best suits their exterior. We have gathered some pool areas that have lovely fire pits rested either in the middle of the pool or just on the side of the deck. Wherever they are placed, they give the same aura, burning your pool area with style, drama and beauty!

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Luxurious and Elegant Custom Fireplaces

Our fireplace designs are crafted to meet exacting demands for beauty, artistic elegance, and rigorous standards. Only the finest components go into our outdoor fireplaces. Quality craftsmanship and materials are evident in every fireplace we build. Our job as a custom fireplace company is to turn your dreams into reality. Regardless of the complexity of your fireplace project, our attention to detail, commitment to high-quality workmanship, and reliable service define who we are and are the hallmarks of our company.

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A propane or natural gas tiki torch head is delivered its source fuel at a certain pressure, which allows the flame to be higher and more brilliant than that of a kerosene model.  In addition, a kerosene model's flame height is dictated by how much fuel is physically present and consumed by the exposed wick above the uppermost fitting.  While fiberglass wicks have a longer life, they cannot match the absorbtion of a cotton wick.  Yet, cotton wicks will actually burn down with the consumption of the fuel.  This then affects how much kerosene is above the wick-holding fitting, therefore requiring a cotton wick to be advanced upward after so many hours.


In contrast, natural and propane gas tiki torches do not need this same type of attention.  The torch's flame is a consistent height for the entire evening, a group of torches can be turned off with the use of a master valve, and long term maintenance, similar to that of a propane grill, is limited to keeping the torch's orifice and burner free from debris.  Because of the initial trenching required for gas lines, gas tiki torches are more ideally suited for new landscapes, or existing landscapes where the trenching would be only minimally disruptive.

Whichever type of torch the homeowner chooses, it is recommended that they be made of either copper, brass, or stainless steel.  Permanent outdoor fixtures, whether they be torches or lighting, should be built of these corrosion resistant materials.  This is especially important in near-ocean locations where the salt air would otherwise eat away at the fittings of a typical "disposable" type torch.

Looking for electronic ignition tiki torches?  

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