Our Creative Design Team

Custom Creative Designs 

World Class Pools works hand in hand with two major Landscape Architects and Designers. We would love to share with you some of the Designs that we have been able to offer to our customers with the help of our Creative Design Team. Some of these projects started with an empty piece of property with no house. A blank canvas that we and our designers and artists painted, Planned and Built for our Clients.


"To Achieve Greatness in Design, Form Must Follow Function"


The World Class Pools Team takes great pride in our work and it shows.  We are also proud of the designers that have helped our team and our clients to portrait our visions through Creative Brainstorming for the past 30 years. Andrea Tomsic and James Broderick (both graduates of Penn State) have been a great source for inspiration for our our customers for many years. Andrea from Landscapes by Andrea has been providing our customers with designs for many years and has also taken her designs with us as far south as the Florida Keys. James Broderick not only has designs that carry into the construction and Hard Scape side of the the projects but he and his crew from Ricuperos have performed hundreds of installations and continue to maintain these estates and properties for years to come.