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A Pool House is not just a part of the pool, it is like an outdoor extension of your main house. Almost like adding an outdoor room to the home that is used by your friends and family that you are entertaining around the pool and keeping the wet mess out of your home.  As for the cost, a pool house can be just a simple cabana for changing in or it could be a complex structure with the space and facilities to cook, and entertain with bathroom and shower capabilities. It depends on your needs and your budget.

6 Benefits That Make Pool Houses so Worthwhile

  1. If you have a pool, you are going to be entertaining people there most likely. A pool house allows you to keep the party out of the house and in the pool area, in your backyard. Guests will not need to go into the house to get shade, drinks or food or to use the bathroom. Everything is available poolside. So your house stays clean and untouched.
  2. What happens to all the pool and garden furniture in winter? If you have a pool house off season storage for all outdoors furniture and accessories is not a problem. Since you will not be using the pool or the pool house, everything can be stored there until it is needed again.
  3. If you have the space, a pool house is a great place to set up home gym. You save space at home, won’t disturb others while you are working out and with a gym, you have a reason to enjoy the pool house all year round.
  4. A pool house with a storage cupboard is the best place to keep the chemicals that are used to clean the pool and balance the water out with the right mixture of chlorine. These chemicals can be hazardous and are best stored away securely where they cannot cause any harm by accident.
  5. If you have the space and the budget, a pool house with a bedroom and bathroom is a very attractive guest house option. Your guests live in luxurious surroundings by the pool and you still retain your privacy in the home.
  6. A swimming pool comes with a lot of accessories, loungers, rafts, snorkels, goggles etc. A pool house is a great place to store them so that they are always available when you want them.

 A House Near the Pool

A pool house is not just a part of the pool. It is a small house near the pool which, while offering facilities and convenience for pool users, is also a multi-purpose space that can be used for all kinds of applications.

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Pool Pavilions like the one that this customer had built is a great way to add a relaxing open outdoor room to your new Outdoor Environment. They can be constructed using the same materials as the main house to blend the styles of architecture or sometimes they can be constructed with different materials and blended just as well. 

Outdoor Pavilions Have Many Great Advantages
  1. Pavilions can add a relaxing and private open sitting area out of the sun and rain.
  2. Solid Roof Pavilions have enough shadow to house an outdoor Tv for sports or entertainment for the grandparents.
  3. Outdoor Kitchens are a great addition to your Pavilion or even a Changing Room, Bathroom or Outdoor Shower
  4. A Fire Place, Fire Table or Fire Pit Feature are great additions to our Pavilions.

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Pergolas are a Creative way to add a much needed design element at a minimal cost in comparison to a solid roofed structure. Pergolas are also another great way to add a light filled outdoor room to your outdoor environment. They are versatile enough in their designs to make them an appealing accent that will blend with any type of architecture. They can be either freestanding or attached to a home as an attractive patio cover. Many people use these versatile structures to create a dining area in an empty backyard or to provide a romantic seating area in
a quiet garden. We have found that they can add creative usable area around your pool side environment.  Their potential uses are as numerous as the materials, colors and sizes that are available.

An Adaptable Option
Pergolas have many options that are available to make them more functional. They can be left open or fabric shades can be added to help filter more sunlight. Curtains can be added that will increase the decorative look as well as offer some privacy. Many people choose to grow greenery and vines around the posts for an appealing and romantic look. Some pergola designers include media equipment, fans and lighting so the space can truly feel like an extension of the interior of the home. Retractable canopies make it possible to protect the space from UV rays when in place and can be used to cool the pergola too. Clear polycarbonate panels are another option to consider. They provide some protection from the occasional rainstorm without blocking out the natural light.

Flexibility and Function
Pergolas provide just enough shade to make seating areas cooler and more enjoyable, but their open design allows in plenty of natural lighting. They can be used to create an outdoor entertaining area that is as comfortable as relaxing inside, but does not block out the beauty of nature. Because they can be built anywhere in the yard, homeowners are not restricted to where their entertaining areas have to be located. Pergolas can be built beside a pool, near a favorite grove of trees or overlooking a beautiful garden.

Pergolas offer a greater level of design and style for less cost than most porches and patio covers. Even people on a tight budget can have a basic decorative pergola built and add accessories and more design elements as time goes on. Good quality pergolas are made with materials that are made to last in nearly any type of weather and to be free of the risk of damage from termites. They require very little maintenance and are made to last for decades.

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When moving your party outdoors! You want to be near the excitement of the pool and water features. Why run back and forth to the house when you can make all of your preparations right outside in the fresh air? So the next element to make this outdoor transition as trouble free as possible would be the addition of an Outdoor Kitchen

Here are just a few of the options that you can choose from. 
  • Gas Grills and Burners
  • Kitchen Islands with Sinks and Bar seating
  • Outdoor Refrigerators and Ice Makers
  • Side Burners for Warmers and Pots for Boiling
  • Pizza Ovens and Many other Options
We will sit down with you and your family and get a list of your wants and needs and offer a few ideas of our own and we will help you create your dream outdoor kitchen and you can start to relax immediately!