Fiber Glass Pools

"If You Dream It We Will Build It"

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Fiberglass Swimming Pools are considered the modern choice in the domestic swimming pool market. 

World Class Pools offers the premier pool on the market. With the most advanced manufacturing techniques and the finest materials available, our fiberglass pools stand alone as the worlds leader in the one piece pool industry. So why is a Fiberglass swimming pool considered to be the future? 

Advantages to our Fiberglass Pool Construction

Our Fiberglass Pools are manufactured by a highly skilled staff using the latest methods and technology. All the resins and Gel-coats that are used are of the highest quality found in the market.  Every swimming pool that is manufactured is controlled by high quality standards and conditions producing a product of superior quality.

The installation process is much faster with a fiberglass pool than with a concrete pool. 

Once the excavation is complete and the pool shell is delivered. The pool is only hours from being filled with water!

Why a Fiberglass Pool?

  • Faster Installations than concrete pools,3 to 5 days instead of 3 to 4 weeks
  • Easier and Cheaper to maintain than concrete pools
  • Will never need Chemical acid washing or re-surfacing
  • Has a satin-smooth surface which prevents scrapes, cuts or snagged swimsuits
  • Has a seamless, non-porous surface resistant to algae and bacteria.
  • Is an excellent insulator; becoming warm sooner and remaining so well into the fall
  • Will not crack as it is flexible enough to absorb  ground movement. 
  • Is perfectly-designed for automatic pool cleaners.
  • Is a sound investment adding value to your property

No other pool type can match fiber glass for style, affordability, variety and functionality. 

Color and Design

The color of your pools will establish the framework for the pools overall appearance. You may choose from 4 different colors to set the tone of your pool. You may also add a tile border to your pool. Inlaid step tiles or a mosaic design in the floor will  make your one of a kind pool a true custom pool.

Value for Money

When all is weighed up, fiberglass swimming pools offer outstanding value for your money. Your pool will be a product of quality that will give you years of trouble free service.