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"If You Dream It We Will Build It"

With 30 years of accredited experience  in Design and Construction in the Specialty Concrete and Aquatic Features industries, our reputation for Excellence speaks for itself. 

Pool Types

World Class concrete pools are one of the most versatile pools on the market. We have yet to find a place where we could not build a pool. With concrete construction the possibilities are unlimited. " You dream it and we will build it " our claim to fame motto is made possible by our extensive uses and knowledge of concrete and masonry construction. Click Here For More Info On Concrete Pools

World Class Pools of Pittsburgh and Sentry Pool will work together with you and your family to create for you a liner pool that is one of a kind. For years in-ground liner pools have been labeled with a stigma of being nothing more than a glorified above ground pool. We are pleased to tell you that our pools have broke out of that stigma and have joined our concrete pools in the race for strength, versatility and longevity. Our liner pools also have the World Class Pool one of a kind unique design that will never be mistaken for the neighbors cookie cutter design.  Click Here For More Info On Vinyl Liner Pools

Fiberglass Swimming Pools are considered the modern choice in the domestic swimming pool market. 

World Class Pools offers the premier pool on the market. With the most advanced manufacturing techniques and the finest materials available, our fiberglass pools stand alone as the worlds leader in the one piece pool industry. So why is a Fiberglass swimming pool considered to be the future?  Click Here For More Info On Fiber Glass Pools

Adding a waterfall, pond or a water feature to a swimming pool not only increases the value of your property, but it increases your level of enjoyment and relaxation to an infinite level. Take a moment and Enjoy some of our creations in the Project Gallery. Or Read About our Waterfalls Here!