Our Process

What Makes Us Different

"If You Dream It We Will Build It"


Our Process

World Class Pools offers a total Turn Key Package or Individual services, whichever is applicable to your Project and your budget. Our goal throughout the process is to make your project as stress free as possible. Through years of experience in Project Management, observing and actively participating in thousands of projects, we have developed a winning strategy and an endless list of successful projects.  

The success of your project is directly proportionate to: 

  • How thoroughly your vision is planned, shared, clearly understood and embraced (starting with our first meeting)
  • The quality of the professional team that you engage and their vigilant focus on remarkable performance (all of the time)
  • Employing the highest level of communications required to keep our team on course and you the client informed throughout the project
Through these practices and the processes listed below we will avoid any costly mistakes, miscommunications and U-turns along the way. Ensuring that your Dream is built and portrayed as planned.

After you have made the initial contact with our company:

  • First we will set up an Appointment to Meet with you and your Family
  • You will receive a Free in-home Consultation 
  • You tell us what you are Dreaming of for your Back Yard Retreat
  • We will explain your Options and what we Envision to help fulfill your Dreams
  • Once the Brainstorming Stage is complete, we will move you onto the Design Phase of the process.
Information that you can prepare prior to our First Meeting & the Design Phase:

  • Plot Plan / Property Plat that shows your house on it within the property lines
  • A Collection of photos from our site or others that show us the style that you like
  • A list of elements / options that you would like to add to your Outdoor Environment
Think of how you and your family and guests will be using the Environment so that we can design to fit your needs

Our Design and Management Services Offered:

  • Full Landscape with Aquatic Design & Drawings 
  • Full Construction Drawings & Specifications 
  • Architectural & Graphic Design  
  • Structural & Mechanical Engineering 
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Engineering 
  • Site Civil Engineering 
  • Grading & Earthwork 
  • Irrigation System Design 
  • Site Lighting & Sound Distribution 
  • Project Management
Click Here To View some of Our Designs

Along with our own Design and Build Projects, we also offer out our services to the rest of the aquatic industry. Our Projects abroad have included many large Commercial and Residential Aquatic Environments.

Members of our staff work in conjunction with curators, architects and Engineers on projects such as:

  • The Sea Lion Exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo  
  • The Dolphin Center in Florida
  • Wild and Wooly Acres in Ohio
  • Orchid Society of South Florida and the Everglades

  • Once you have signed off on the Designing Stage we will Start Building your Proposal
  • After you have had time to review the proposal and you have agreed on the the Phases that you would like to include, we will present you with a Contract Package. 
  • When the Project is under Contract we will then submit the drawings and acquire a permit for your project

Once the permits have been acquired the next phase will be the construction phase. We want your experience during the construction phase to be as enjoyable as the Design Phase. The key to this stress free installation is communication. This communication starts with our first meeting at your site and will continue long after the project is complete. We want our next referral to come from you. If your not happy we are not happy so lets work together and give you some good stories to tell your family and friends about the design and construction of your outdoor environment!
Before construction begins:
  • We will set up a meeting with You & Your Family, the Designers and we will introduce you to your Project Manager
    • We will do one last onsite layout of all elements of your Proposal and Contract
    • We will Set you up with our Scheduling and Management Program that can be accessed from your Phone, Tablet or Home Computer. 
    • Any last Pre-Construction questions will be noted and answered so that we are all on the same page from the onset of the project.
  • Once the Construction is underway, you will have an open line of communication with your project manager to answer any daily questions that you may have.
    • There will be a weekly job meeting with you and the Project Manager. You will be made aware of the weekly progress and the next phase of the project.
    • You will be made aware of any decisions that you need to make, such as colors and textures etc. We can also bring in the designers to assist at the meetings if needed & make sure that we are all on the same page.
  • We will help to schedule any meetings at the appropriate times with you and the Landscape Contractors, Fence Contractors, Utility Contractors, Outdoor Lighting and Sprinklers and Outdoor Audio Contractors as needed.
  • Once the Project is completed, we will set up a meeting with you and your family, your Project Manager and our Service Technician. 
    • You will be given a class on the Control and Operation of your system, Equipment and Hardware.
    • We will turnover any of Your Warranty and Operation Manuals and answer and other questions that you may have.
  • We will be available at any time during your first season if you have any questions or if you forget anything from our training class. 
  • Your Pool will need to be closed at the end of each season and Opened at the beginning of each season
    • We offer this service to only the pools that we have built, some Customers like to take care of their own pools. 
    • However we still maintain 90% of the pools that we have built over the years. 
    • We also offer any other Maintenance to our customers. We are also available to help set up for parties, any extra cleaning or pressure washing that you may need, Sealing of Masonry Work etc.

Our Vendors
World Class Pools works with a wide range of market-leading vendors to provide advanced and emerging technologies to our clients outdoor environments. Below are a few of our Vendors.